Vision For Humanity

Touching Lives One Family at a Time

This project was birthed in 2012 at the International Empowerment Conference held in Jamaica West Indies hosted by the KCE Ministries International. On a particular day during the conference a team and I walked the community praying and reaching out to the residents and I was moved with compassion as I recognized the deplorable condition some persons were living in. Some places were literally without proper covering and in the event of bad weather all their possession would be damaged. After interviewing a gentleman “Mr. Finley” who was thought of as being the first to assist with a house, the vision came evidenced that this could become a pilot project and would be undertaken by the KCE Ministries and its partners, affiliates and sponsors.

In consultation with a noted businessman and contractor in the Westmoreland area, (Thomas Enterprise), we agreed to contract this company who has experience in building the kind of houses needed for this project. All houses are built from quality durable board creating a long life span.

Each individual or family that receives assistance through this program is responsible for finding their own leased or owned land space. The houses will be built within 2-3 weeks and handed over to the owners in an official ceremony. All sponsors will be recognized in the printed and electronic media. Each house will have a silver-plated plaque permanently fixed affirming the various company or organization of sponsorship. Each company, organization or individual will receive a certificate of partnership from our ministry along with a quarterly update on the project.

I implore you to come on board with us today in being a sponsor of a house to a needy family or individual in the Island of Jamaica West Indies. We pray that as you view our efforts you too will be moved with compassion as Jesus did when he saw the poor in need. Help us touch lives, one family at a time. The chart below shows the various levels of sponsorship. Please note that donations can be given in any amount, none will be refused or counted too small.

Pastor Kevin C. Chantilou
Sr. Pastor, Vision Worship Center Inc.
Vision for Humanity, Chief Operation Officer
President & CEO, KCE Ministries International


Sr. Pastor, Dr. Kevin C. Chantilou
Vision for Humanity
Chief Operations Officer

Pompano Beach, Florida
Tele: (203) 543-6070


$4,000.00 USD
1 bedroom with kitchen
$5,000.00 USD
1 bedroom + kitchen & bathroom
$4,800.00 USD
2 bedroom
$6,900.00 USD
2 bedroom + kitchen
$9,300.00 USD
2 bedroom + kitchen & bathroom