Ministries’ Synopsis

Vision Care

This department is designed to cater to the needs of individuals that are sick in the hospital, recovering at home or individuals with special needs that can be met by the ministry.

Women’s Ministry

This ministry will empower women in the area of health and wellness, finance, home making, marriage and personal development.

Men of Vision

Designed to facilitate men of all ages in the advancement of masculine roles that should be undertaken by their gender.


Under the direction of the Director of this department, a standard of excellence will be upheld at all times thereby ensuring that all reasonable needs of the guests are met to the highest standards.

Usher / Adjutants

Responsible for the preservation of order in the sanctuary and the standard of protocol uphold in keeping with guidelines of training as dictated by the office.


The Director of outreach will direct team members in areas of community visits, street services and programs involving community development.

International Mission

The Director is responsible to plan programs to facilitate conferences, food & clothes distributions, health fair and scholarship awards.

Children’s Church / Vision Kids

Designed to train and develop the gifts and talents of each individual to function in the arts and ministry.

Substance Abuse Mentorship Program

The Director is responsible to act as facilitator for awareness and prevention workshops.

Music Department

The Minister of music is responsible for accompaniment during worship, training of praise team and choir, direct band at all events.

Creative / Performing Arts

This department develops and train talents for recitals in praise dance and drama presentations.

Media and Communication

The Director is responsible for moderate sound and visual in the sanctuary. Design flyers and other materials for printing and publications.


In charge of prayer sessions for the ministry and all events.

Pastoral Care

The Director of this department is responsible to see to the well-being of the Pastor in all ministry areas such as appreciation services and special celebration.

Prison Outreach

The Director is responsible to plan visits and sessions with inmates under the guidelines of the commissioner’s office.

Food Pantry

This department caters to all persons from church or community in need of food items on a weekly basis.


Responsible for the welcoming of all individuals to our church

Security / Custodian

The head of this department is responsible for the surveillance of the property and ensure building is secure on a weekly basis and after all services / events.

Christian Education

 Under the direction of the Sr. Pastor, the Director is responsible for the preservation of doctrinal teachings and materials and the monitoring of department.

Healthcare Professionals

The Director is responsible to facilitate awareness classes and lectures on issues relevant to the field of interest.  Plan health fairs and community programs.


This committee has the responsibility to raise funds for the church to offset the cost of activities for present and future events and programs.