Our History

How We Began

Vision Worship Center Incorporated was officially launched on October 2, 2010 in the City and State of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This memorable occasion saw many friends and family members, local and international for Reverend Kevin Chantilou came together to witness a vision come to reality. To many, it was no surprise because it was evidenced that the hand of the Lord is upon this visionary. 

Reverend Chantilou shared his testimony how he wrestled with the mandate to start the ministry. He received constant and perpetual utterance from the Holy Spirit. Prior to receiving the name of the church, he prayed fervently asking the Lord to direct his path. He was instructed that the name of the church would emerge out of his miracle, of course miracles in his life was numerous so he pondered the thought in his heart for a while.  

The Vision Unfolds

In July 2007, on one of his many trips to London, England, Reverend Chantilou was guest speaker at a convention. Approximately ten minutes before he approached the pulpit to deliver the word, the Spirit spoke expressly in the ear of his servant and said, “The name of the church shall be called, Vision Worship Center”. It was then Reverend Chantilou instantaneously realized it was the miracle he received from wearing tested glasses
After the launch of the ministry, Vision Worship Center began worship services with seven (7) committed individuals at a rented space at 4900 Powerline Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This was a ball room inside the El Palacio Hotel now Universal Palm Hotel. Services were scheduled for Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings. The presence of the Lord was present at every service and visitors kept pouring in each week. Some stayed and made Vision their home while others came out of curiosity, but all felt the love and warmth that was disseminated each week.

The vision became very clear to Pastor Chantilou but seemed humongous for a young church so he exercised great faith and was not afraid to share his inspiration and plans for the ministry with the members. Based on his track record as a motivator for the service of the Lord, he declared that Vision Worship Center was not at the hotel to stay. To some, it seem like mission impossible and too soon but the majority believed in their leader’s vision and enthusiasm towards Kingdom building. The gift of administration was pronounced on Pastor Chantilou’s life and was always referred to as one who capitalizes on God sent opportunities. 

Structural Form

The vision and plans for the ministry was unveiled and set in motion with very meager resources. The year 2011 saw the fruit of the prophetic ministry of Pastor Chantilou manifesting as he declared that despite the meaning of number 11 which means, lawlessness, disintegration and disorder he was releasing over the house of Vision Worship Center the year of “Divine Favor”.

With only a small gathering and approximately six (6) visitors present, it was well received. As the weeks went by, members began to see the manifestation of the word. Individuals received promotions, new jobs, new cars, salary increase, US status approvals, souls baptized in Jesus name, restoration back to the body of Christ and right hand of fellowship. The ministry began to grow progressively and took its form with the launch of various departments.  

In October 2011 at the first year Anniversary celebration of the ministry, Pastor Chantilou declared before the gathering that Vision Worship Center would be leaving the Hotel location by mid December of the said year. When asked by a visiting Minister if he had already secured a place, he replied “No, but great faith spoke with clarity”.

Being a proactive leader, he called a meeting with the board of directors and outlined the course of action and the pursuit for a building to host the people of God was launched. Numerous disappointments happened along the way where zoning was concerned but the hand of God directed Pastor Chantilou and his team. Frustration stood at the door of the vision trying to cast doubt but God reminded Pastor Chantilou of the prophecies over his life and the ministry so he had to persevere and become the victor.

Where We Are Now

Miraculously a Realtor who received two separate emails on the instruction of Pastor Chantilou through Minister Kesha Blake, Chief Administrator, responded and stated he took a week to do his research on the building of interest and was ready to advise us accordingly. We were informed that two (2) months prior to our interest, the City did a review and changed the building code to accommodate a church zoning for the particular building.

Through the dedication of committed and faithful brethren, on December 9, 2011 Vision Worship Center acquired a 3,947 sq. feet building. Even before the infrastructural work began, we held our New Year’s Eve service at the new location. In January 2012, Vision Worship Center also launched its newest business venture, Vision Travel, LLC. (www.vision-travel.org). This travel agency is designed to enhance the productivity of the ministry and cater to the wider community. The vision continues to expand and we trust God to do impossible task through us. We are a growing ministry with a mega mentality.

Going Up?